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RedEarth Energy Storage was formed in 2013 and is a designer and manufacturer of energy storage systems (also known as battery systems).

We manufacture our battery systems from our facility in Queensland, and supply a range of customers including home owners, businesses, installers and corporations.


Our systems are designed and assembled in Australia and are designed to go outside or inside, to solve customers’ real electricity problems without complication. We monitor them online to ensure they deliver the solution they were bought for and our smallest systems start at under $5,000 +GST.

Our systems are designed to serve our customers no matter what new technologies may emerge, work with existing solar systems, are fully serviceable and upgradable in the future and are compliant to Australian standards.

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Red Earth is a leader in the supply and installation of modular Energy Storage Systems with a range of energy ratings. We deliver innovative energy storage systems that provide a reliable, sustainable supply of stored energy from renewable and conventional energy sources.

While Red Earth supplies and delivers storage products, we are battery agnostic and believe that the optimal energy storage platforms may require a hybrid of various energy storage technologies, engineered for optimal performance given the application and operating environment.

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To enable us to estimate the power required for your proposed or existing power system, we need to know what appliances equipment or lighting you wish to use, and the duration for which you would use them on a daily or weekly basis.

Download & fill out our Assessment Form with your intended energy and we can give you a detailed quotation.

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